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Ava is an entrepreneur, adviser, and futurist. They assemble teams and design infrastructure to operationalize emergent intelligence, as our world integrates millions of new minds via technology. 

Currently a general partner with Permanence Capital and CEO of Suyana Technologies; following a life in public policy and government technology. Their expertise in business design and social equity has established them as a speaker, investor, and public intellectual throughout the Open Society Institute, Summit Series, TEDx, and other private ecosystems.

Permanence Capital funds and catalyzes human potential. 

Suyana Technologies designs devices to unleash our inner technology. 

HostHome Inc. activates an ecosystem of co-living communities.  

In their free time, Ava studies neuroscience, dance, and the limits of inner equanimity.


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Those seeking to contribute in our world of constant adaptation, must integrate our inner technologies into our discernment and strategy. 
How can we become agile and fully sensate? 
What tools create syntrophic evolution in our personal and professional development? 

Corporate literacy + inner technology = modern mystic

We need economic value creation anchored in science backed wellness modalities. 

I exist to help you find what works for your unique gifts and our evolving world. 

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