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Ambassador of the future
building distribution infrastructure.
My joy is in building an exponential fund for the evolution of humans as a multi-planetary species.
I am most excited at the intersections of synthetic biology, non-invasive surgeries, and human integrated devices to enable simultaneous earth stewardship and cosmic participation

I believe my personal journey through surgical and hormonal augmentation adds unique value to designing a way forward. We know that culture has wrested control of evolutionary processes from our DNA by virtue of evolutionary selection for groups and the exchanges of behavior therein. Therefore, we can look to biohacking futurists to harvest the insights of our embodied iteration. It is now time to capitalize on the trailblazers of transhumanism. We are at the tipping point.


Presence, alignment, action.

Student of neuroscience, dance, and equanimity.
Let us be present to the future creating through us all.

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Background as founder, CEO, and/or partner in government technology, wearable technology, and private equity. Integrate high conscious, emergent technology, and deep network towards Purpose, Profit, Planet, and People.

Future of Work
Future of Communities
Infrastructure of the Metaverse

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Image by Marek Piwnicki